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At J&MAIN, we’re a branding and digital marketing company that’s passionate about helping our clients grow in all areas. We form partnerships with our clients, becoming an extension of their team. Our mission is to provide Maryland & Virginia businesses with the marketing expertise they need to attract customers and drive revenue growth online.

J&MAIN was founded in 2018 by Jason Feaga. The name J&MAIN comes from a combination of the first letter of Jason’s father Jay + Main Street. Every city has a main street, a central hub in the town that moves everyone forward.  The slogan of our company is “Move Forward, Move Ahead.” We stay ahead of technology, never looking back on what did or didn’t work before. As we continue to move forward, we stay ahead of the competition. Learn more about J&MAIN.

What We Do


Branding is a critical aspect of any business. It is the centerpiece of a company’s identity and how it communicates its value to an audience. J&MAIN is will help your company’s brand reach its full potential. Discover the range of our branding services and connect with our team to bring your brand to new heights.

Marketing Strategy

Does your business need a marketing strategy to increase sales and conversions? Reach out to J&MAIN for a marketing strategy session and free estimate. Any business looking to increase sales and conversions needs a solid marketing strategy. We break everything down into smaller monthly tasks and goals. The incremental strategy contributes to the financial goals set out at the start. 

Digital Advertising

Digital marketing allows you to target users on a range of digital platforms. These include social media channels, display advertising, video, shopping, and paid ads. The channels listed have different targeting approaches. There’s a benefit to each ad channel based on the needs of the business using it.

Website Development

At J&MAIN we offer website design and development services to make your business stand out. When you hire professionals to develop your website, you’ll get a website that complies with both mobile and desktop requirements. We’ll also ensure it’s easy to navigate and ranks well on search engines. Contact us for an estimate and let’s grow your business.


News & Trends

Design is Everywhere

Every product or service that has ever been brought to market has a distinct purpose. Pretty interesting to think about, right?  This all comes down

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